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What is your patient’s saliva telling you?

SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System can provide the answer.

Learn more from saliva.

Analyze your patient’s saliva with the new SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System and complement your clinical assessment with objective results.

Studies show that saliva is a complex mixture and can reflect oral health.

Guo L, Wenyuan S. J Calif Dent Assoc. 2013 February; 41(2): 107-118.

With a small saliva sample, learn if there is an increased risk for your patient to develop caries and periodontal disease. Using dual reflectance method, SiLL-Ha measures the reactivity on the test strip from the saliva sample, and results can provide information that you cannot see – activity of bacteria, acidity and presence of inflammatory markers which may indicate an increased risk for caries and gum inflammation.

Begin a discussion with your patient to guide them to oral wellness.

SiLL-Ha Features

  • Easy operation and rapid measurement — minimizes workflow disruption
  • Measures 7 items in 1 test in 5 minutes in your office — no delay in getting results
  • Compact and lightweight — SiLL-Ha fits in the palm of a hand and can be used in a small space
  • Touch screen display is intuitive and simple to use
  • Small saliva sample dropped on a reagent test strip for quick analysis


DROP Image


TEST Image




Easy to Use

  • Test results in minutes to support your clinical assessment
  • Simple and intuitive interface with touch-screen display
  • Visual report to support patient education, care plan and hygiene products

Test Reports

  • Visual results in 3 formats: numbers, radar charts and bar charts
Radar charts
  • Current test results can be compared to previous test to track results over time
Bar charts
  • Reports can be customized for each patient


Measurement object Oral rinse sample
Measurements Cariogenic bacteria, acidity, buffer capacity, blood, leukocyte, protein, ammonia
Measurement principle Dual wavelength reflectometry
Test strip SiLL-Ha paper
Measurement time Approx. 5 minutes
Warm-up time Maximum 30 seconds
External output Connectable with PC using USB port
Measurement environment Temperature 10°-30°C (50°–86°F)
Altitude: below 2,000m
Humidity 30 – 60%RH (no condensation)
Dimension Approx. 160w x 105d x 51h mm
Weight Approx. 430g (including battery)
Power supply USB (5VDC, rechargeable battery)

Product Ordering Information

Description Part number
SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness Instrument 105522
SiLL-Ha paper (test strip kit) 30 test strips 105524
Replacement Parts
USB Connection Cable 102839
SiLL-Ha Check Measurement Strips 102841
SiLL-Ha Test Strip Holder 102840

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