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With the RxSavingsPlusSM prescription discount card you now have access to high-quality, cost effective diabetic supplies. In fact, with your FREE RxSavingsPlusSM card you can receive savings of up to 70% off regular retail prices!1

RxSavingsPlusSM is now partnered with GLUCOCARD®, a long-standing brand in the diabetes market, to provide a cost effective way of managing your diabetes. You can now get the lowest price guaranteed2 on GLUCOCARD blood glucose supplies simply by showing your free RxSavingsPlusSM card at the pharmacy checkout. If you have not registered for your card click here

1 The RxSavingsPlus prescription discount card provides savings of up to 70% with average prescription savings of 22% off the regular retail price

2 You will receive the best price available to you through this program at the pharmacy. On occasion, pharmacies will price a particular medication lower than the discount rate provided by the card. If that occurs, you will receive the lower price.

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Call a GLUCOCARD Customer Service Representative at 1.800.566.8558 or email and mention the RxSavingsPlus Card

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