Equal Employment Opportunity Statement

ARKRAY is committed to providing equal employment opportunity to all applicants and employees regardless of their race, creed, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, military service, protected veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law. We are strongly committed to this policy and believe in the concept and spirit of the law. ARKRAY is further committed to ensuring that employment decisions are based on valid job requirements. In addition, all employment actions, such as recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, benefits, transfers, layoffs and termination are administered fairly to all persons on an equal opportunity basis, without discrimination on the basis of protected categories named above.

ARKRAY will not tolerate any employee or applicant to engage or be subjected to harassment, intimidation, threats, coercion, or retaliation. Reports of these activities will be filed as a formal complaint and the situation will result in a review, investigation or hearing, as related to any federal, state or local law requiring equal employment opportunity; or because they opposed any act deemed unlawful.

Craig Brosseau, the Vice President of Finance, supports this affirmative action program and has appointed Joan W. Buchanan, SPHR – Human Resource Director, as ARKRAY’s EEO Coordinator. The EEO Coordinator’s responsibilities include implementing an internal audit and reporting system to monitor and measure the effectiveness of ARKRAY’s equal employment opportunity efforts and report to executive management on this and any needs for remedial action. ARKRAY maintains affirmative action plans for minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and protected veterans. Any questions regarding these plans or the company's equal opportunity policy should be directed to the EEO Coordinator who is responsible for the implementation of the plan. All employees are responsible for supporting the concept of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action, and assisting and cooperating in meeting our plan goals.

If you wish to view the plans for protected veterans and individuals with disabilities, contact Joan Buchanan during normal business hours and arrangements will be made for the areas of the plan available for inspection under the law.