The GLUCOCARD 01 incorporates high-end technology that is simple and easy to use. Auto code technology reduces the number of steps for testing, which can lead to fewer user-associated errors. A tiny 0.3-µL sample size, combined with a choice of palm or fingertip testing, makes obtaining a blood sample more comfortable. Featuring a 360-test memory with time and date stamp, the GLUCOCARD 01 displays accurate and precise results in just seven seconds.


Test Strips Name: GLUCOCARD 01 Sensor Plus Test Strips
Sample size: 0.3 μL
Test time: 7 seconds
Meter range: 20-600 mg/dL
Technology Results: Plasma referenced
Calibration: Auto coding
Display: LCD
Memory: 360 tests with time & date stamp
Averaging: 14- or 30-day averaging
Strip chemistry: Glucose oxidase
Alternate site testing: Palm or fingertip
Downloadable: Yes
Meter Size: 2” x 3.9” x 0.5”
Weight: 1.6 oz
Power Battery: Single replacement 3V (CR2032)
Tests/Battery: More than 2,000 tests at 4 tests per day

Ordering Information

Name Product # UPC #015482- NDC #08317-
GLUCOCARD 01 Meter Kit Basic 740001 74001-6 7400-01
GLUCOCARD 01 Meter Kit 741100 74110-5 7411-00
GLUCOCARD 01 Sensor Plus Test Strips - 50 ct. 740050 74050-4 7400-50
GLUCOCARD 01 Control Solution (Normal) 720005 72005-6 7200-05
GLUCOCARD 01 Control Solution (Normal/High) 740006 74006-1 7400-06


Every person who needs to monitor his/her blood glucose has individual preferences. That is why there are many options in the market. GLUCOCARD 01 is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a system that offers high end technology AND is simple and easy-to-use. Features include auto coding, AST, download capabilities, 7-second test time and 0.3 µL sample size.
There is no need to physically code the GLUCOCARD 01. Coding is accomplished simply by inserting a test strip into the meter- and the meter takes care of the rest! You will see one of three automatic codes appear on the screen: F-2, F-3, or F-4. These are NOT error codes.
A tiny 0.3 µL sample is required.
The meter requires one lithium CR2032 battery. Generally, the battery should last approximately 2,000 tests.
No meter settings or stored test results will be altered unless you:
  • Touch the metal portion on the main unit with your fingers or any metal.
  • Take over five minutes to replace battery.
  • Load the battery incorrectly.
  • Insert a used or weak battery.
The foil pouch helps control environmental factors that could affect the test strips.
Test strips are good for up to 3 months after opening. Rememer to write the date you opened the test strip bottle in the space provided.
No, maltose and/or icodextrin do not affect the GLUCOCARD 01 system.
No, the GLUCOCARD 01 is programmed to display only mg/dL in the US.
Keep the test strip port free of blood, moisture, dirt, or dust. Use a lint-free cloth, dampened with water to clean your meter. Do not use an abrasive cloth or antiseptic solution, as these may damage the display screen. Do not clean inside the battery compartment.

Images & Logos

GLUCOCARD 01 meter
GLUCOCARD 01 Side View
GLUCOCARD 01 Basic 10 (740001)
GLUCOCARD 01 Meter Kit (741100)
GLUCOCARD 01 Test Strip
GLUCOCARD 01 - 3 Test Strips
GLUCOCARD 01 DME (720050) Test Strip Bottle
GLUCOCARD 01 DME (720050) Test Strip Carton
GLUCOCARD 01 DME (720050) Bottle and Strips
GLUCOCARD 01 Retail (740050) Test Strip Bottle
GLUCOCARD 01 Retail (740050) Test Strip Carton
GLUCOCARD 01 Retail (740050) Bottle and Strips
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