The GLUCOCARD Expression is an audio-enabled, auto-code blood glucose monitoring system that includes bilingual voice features for hearing a test result. Oversized picture icons and large tactile buttons make this meter easy to use. Testing is more comfortable with a small sample size and alternate site testing. Accurate and reliable test results are displayed in six seconds. Powered by two “AAA” batteries the meter will perform 1,000 tests of continuous use. The downloadable memory holds 300 blood tests and the user can determine 7-, 14-, and 30-day averaging.

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Test Strips Name: GLUCOCARD Expression Test Strips
Test time: 6 seconds
Meter range: 20-600 mg/dL
Technology Results: Plasma referenced
Calibration: Auto code
Display: Large LCD screen
Memory: 300 tests with time & date stamp
Averaging: 7-, 14- and 30-day averaging
Downloadable: Yes
Meter Size: 93 x 58 x 20.5 (mm)
Weight: 79 g
Power Battery: 2 AAA batteries
Tests/Battery: 1,000 tests of continuous use or 1 year

Ordering Information

Name Product # UPC #015482- NDC #08317-
GLUCOCARD Expression Meter-Basic Kit 570001 57010-1 5700-01
GLUCOCARD Expression Meter-Full Kit 571100 57110-8 5711-00
GLUCOCARD Expression Test Strips, DME - 50 ct.  570050 57005-7 5700-50
GLUCOCARD Expression Test Strips, Retail - 50 ct.  572050 57205-1 5720-50
GLUCOCARD Expression Control Solution 570005 57000-2 5700-05


Every person who needs to monitor his/her blood glucose has individual preferences. That is why there are many options in the market. GLUCOCARD Expression features include Auto Coding, AST (palm and forearm), 6 second test time and bilingual voice features for hearing test results.
The following are voice features included in the GLUCOCARD Expression:
  • Power on and off
  • General meter set up (clock, alarms, beeper, etc.)
  • Language selection
  • Control solution testing—both L1 and L2
  • Inserting test strip
  • Blood Glucose result reading
  • Temperature warnings
  • Testing errors
  • 7-, 14- and 30-day averaging
Yes, the voice function can be turned on or off depending on user preference. Additionally, there are five different volume control settings and two language (English and Spanish) selections.
There is no need to physically code the GLUCOCARD Expression. Coding is accomplished simply by inserting a test strip into the meter - and the meter takes care of the rest!
The meter requires 2-AAA batteries. Generally, the batteries should last approximately 1,000 tests of continuous use.
No meter settings or stored test results will be altered unless you:
  • Touch the metal portion on the main unit with your fingers or any metal.
  • Take over 30 seconds to replace battery.
  • Load the battery incorrectly.
  • Insert a used or weak battery.
Test strips are good for up to 3-months after opening. Remember to write the date you opened the test strip bottle in the space provided.
The GLUCOCARD Expression may yield false results for those undergoing oxygen therapies. (The chemistry of the Expression test strip is Glucose Oxidase.)
No, maltose and/or icodextrin do not affect the GLUCOCARD Expression system.
No, the GLUCOCARD Expression is programmed to display only mg/dL in the U.S.
Clean the outside of the meter with a damp cloth only. Dirt, dust, blood, control solution, or water entering the meter could cause damage.
The full meter kit contains a 28 gauge general purpose lancet.

Images & Logos

GLUCOCARD Expression Meter logo
GLUCOCARD Expression Meter
GLUCOCARD Expression Meter with talking icon
GLUCOCARD Expression Basic 10 (570001)
GLUCOCARD Expression Meter Kit (571100)
GLUCOCARD Expression 10 Test Strips (570010)
GLUCOCARD Expression 50 Test Strips (570050)
GLUCOCARD Expression Control Solution (570005)

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