Fast and Accurate1 Blood Glucose Testing in an Easy-to-use Meter

One in every three residents in long-term care have diabetes.2

Nationally, it costs an additional 14 billion dollars each year to care for these residents compared to residents without diabetes.3

The Assure® Prism multi Blood Glucose Monitoring System provides healthcare professionals with a fast, accurate and easy way to monitor their residents’ blood glucose levels.

Reliable Diabetes Care

The Assure Prism multi Blood Glucose Monitoring System has a clinically driven design and advanced technology. This multi-resident meter complies with ISO 15197:2013 accuracy requirements.4

Design features like a test strip that points toward the resident and backlit display are designed to make it easier for the healthcare professional to monitor a resident’s blood glucose level.

Performance Focus

Test Results in 5 Seconds

Fast test results reduce downtime

Optimized Readout Display

Large, thick numbers are intended to improve readability

Compact Design

Small, lightweight design provides better portability

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Published: 01-08-2016
AS006-00 Rev. 01/16


Test Strips Name: Assure Prism Test Strips
Test time: 5 seconds
Meter range: 20-600 mg/dL
Technology Results: Plasma referenced
Calibration: Auto code
Display: Back-lit LCD
Memory: 500 tests with time & date stamp
Averaging: 7-, 14-, 30- and 90-day averaging
Meter Size: 3.66" x 2.20" x 0.83"
Weight: 2.1 oz.
Power Battery: Two single replacement 3V (CR2032)
Tests/Battery: Up to 1,000 tests

Ordering Information

Name Product # UPC #015482- NDC #08317-
Assure Prism multi meter 530001 53001-3 5300-01
Assure Prism multi Test Strips – 50 ct 530050 53050-1 5300-50
Assure Prism multi Test Strips – 100 ct 530100 53100-3 5301-01
Assure Prism Control Solution 1 & 2 530006 53006-8 5300-06

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