Convenience and Value in a Quality Sharps Container

ARKRAY provides a quality sharps container with a combination of safety features designed to reduce sharps injuries at a cost-effective price. The Assure® SD Sharps Container is designed to be-easy-to use and fit in existing storage brackets allowing for a convenient and seamless transition from other sharps containers.

Assure SD Sharps Containers are made of high-impact polypropylene designed to resist shattering and punctures. Assure SD Sharps Containers are transparent, allowing healthcare professionals to see the volume of discarded sharps. Assure SD lids have safety features designed to prevent needlestick injuries and lock securely for proper disposal.

Mailbox Lid

  • Counterbalanced door remains open for ease of use
  • The width of the horizontal drop maximizes usable container volume for larger sharps

Horizontal Drop Lid

  • Counterbalanced rotating chamber provides a large open area to drop sharps for single-hand use
  • Side handles are provided for manual disposal of very small or odd-shaped sharps

Slide Lid

  • Easy to use slide lid provides convenient access and is engineered for larger sharps
  • The slide lid can be closed (not locked) temporarily for moving if needed

Assure SD Sharps Container Training Guide:

Instructions to Place Lid and Close Lid

Download Guide

Ordering Information

Name Size Lid Style Color Case Qty Case #1-0015482- Product # UPC #015482 NDC #08317-
Assure SD Sharps Container 5 Qt Horizontal Drop Red 20 24501-3 245001 24501-6 2450-01
Assure SD Sharps Container 5 Qt Horizontal Drop Translucent 20 24502-0 245002 24502-3 2450-02
Assure SD Sharps Container 5 Qt Mailbox Red 20 24503-7 245003 24503-0 2450-03
Assure SD Sharps Container 5 Qt Mailbox Translucent 20 24504-4 245004 24504-7 2450-04
Assure SD Sharps Container 3 Gal Slide Red 12 24301-9 243001 24301-2 2430-01

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