Easy, On-the-Spot Chemistry Testing
The SPOTCHEM™ EZ is a small, portable, CLIA waived bench top chemistry analyzer that utilizes dry chemistry technology. The system can run panels, single tests or a combination so you can test the way you need to. The SPOTCHEM EZ accepts whole blood or serum samples and is calibrated automatically with the swipe of a magnetic card. It is fully automated with walk-away operation for easy, on-the-spot testing. No sample pre-treatment is required. Available in human and veterinary models.

Fast Patient Care
With on-the-spot testing in as little as 4 minutes, the SPOTCHEM EZ facilitates faster diagnosis and treatment so you can provide immediate answers for your patient. Single visit care increases efficiency, reduces costs, and improves revenue.

Versatile Testing
The SPOTCHEM EZ allows you to run only the tests you want based on your patient's needs. Run a panel, single tests, or a combination to test the way you need to - No more wasted tests. The broad test menu consists of 21 tests and 3 panels. The SPOTCHEM EZ also offers sample flexibility; it accepts whole blood, serum or plasma.

See the SPOTCHEM EZ SP-4430 in action

Easy Operation
The SPOTCHEM EZ is easy to use - load consumables, press start, and walk away! The instrument features an on-board centrifuge, requires no sample pre-treatment, and is lightweight and portable for easy transport. And, calibration is completed in seconds with the swipe of a magnetic card.


Sample Whole blood, serum, or plasma
Measurement Wavelength 5 Wavelengths (405, 550, 575, 610, and 820 nm)
Measurement Principle Optical measurement of reflection intensity of reagent color reaction
Processing Speed 48 samples per hour
Minimum Sample Volume 250 µL whole blood, 100 µL serum
Simultaneous Measurement 3 single reagent strips and/or 1 multi-reagent strip
Reagent Reaction Temperature 98.6˚F (37˚C)
Light Source LED and interference filter
Calibration Method Calibration by magnetic card
Data Storage Volume 100 tests
Display 20 digits x 2 lines LCD
Built-in Printer 36-character thermal printer (58 mm width)
External Output RS-232 interface
Power Supply AC100~120V, 220~240 V, 50/60Hz (AD adapter method)
Power Input Max 100 VA
Dimensions Width: 13.5" x Depth: 8" x Height: 6.5"
Weight 12 lbs.

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