Fully Automated Urine Analyzer

Quality and reliability for maximized workflow efficiency in urinalysis
The AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 fully automated urine chemistry analyzer unites the tried and true AUTION urine chemistry test strips with improved design for high quality reliable results to efficiently meet laboratory workload demands.

Easy to Use
The analyzer is simple to operate and maintain, so users can deliver results seamlessly and efficiently. The user friendly interface, along with easy to load test strips that do not require calibration, result in rapid operator proficiency. Maintenance is effortless and only requires less than 5 minutes daily.

Workflow Efficiency
Simple walk away operation provides operators the ability to multitask while delivering rapid results in as little as 60 seconds. The analyzer offers increased walk away capabilities with flexible loading of up to 400 strips combined with high capacity throughput of up to 225 tests per hour. Continuous loading of 100 samples and stat features provides maximum productivity to achieve the busiest laboratory efficiency goals.

Reliable Results
The AUTION MAX™ AX-4030 tried and true AUTION dry pad urine chemistry technology features excellent measurement ranges, sensitivity, and specificity for increased provider confidence, and accurate results. Identical test strip technology employed across the AUTION family of products provides standardized reporting throughout healthcare organizations. The redesigned second generation chemistry module includes strip feeder modifications and fluidics enhancements to provide reliable results without interruption.

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Dimensions Width: 21" x Depth: 21" x Height: 21"
Weight 82 lbs (37 kg)
Power Supply 100-240 V AC , 50/60 Hz
Operating Environment Temperature: 10-30°C
Relative Humidity: 20-80% (Non-condensing)
Display Large Color LCD
Communication RS-232C (switchable between one-way and two-way)
Data Storage 2,700 tests (includes 200 control tests)
Throughput 225 samples/hour
Reaction Time 60 seconds
Sample Loading Capacity Max. 100 samples
Minimum Sample Volume 40 mm from bottom of tube (approx. 5 mL)

Measurement Parameters

  • Leukocyte
  • Nitrite
  • Glucose
  • Blood
  • Bilirubin
  • Urobilinogen
  • Specific Gravity
  • Color
  • Turbidity
  • Ketone
  • pH
  • Protein

Measurement Technology

Test Stips Duel wavelength reflectance
Single wavelength reflectance for blood
Specific Gravity Reflection refractometry
Color Light transmission
Turbidity Light scatter

Test Strips

Type AUTION™ Sticks 9EB
Test/Bottle 100 Strips
Onboard Capacity 400 Strips
Onboard Stability 3 Days
Open Bottle stability 31 Days
Calibration Fequency None required

Where to Buy

No matter the size of your laboratory, sample volumes processed, or supplier or group purchasing contracts, we have you covered.


ARKRAY sells and distributes laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables, and supplies for the AUTION MAX AX-4030 automated urine chemistry analyzer and AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 full-automated and integrated urine chemistry and sediment analyzer.

Cardinal Health

CardinalHealth sells and distributes ARKRAY laboratory equipment, reagents, and consumables for the AUTION MAX AX-4030 automated urine chemistry analyzer and AUTION HYBRID AU-4050 full-automated and integrated urine chemistry and sediment analyzer. CardinalHealth is a health services company that specializes in the distribution of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.



ARKRAY is partnered with Medline to distribute the AUTION MAX AX-4030 and AUTION ELEVEN AE-4022 analyzers as stand-alone solutions in hospitals and physician office labs.

Visit https://www.medline.com/ for more information.