TechLITE® Pen Needles

Premium Quality Needles. Comfort, Convenience and Value.

As your Diabetes Health Ally, ARKRAY provides a robust portfolio of reliable and accurate products to help manage diabetes. Our new premium quality TechLITE pen needles are designed to deliver reliably smooth and comfortable insulin injections.

These disposable needles combine thin-wall technology with precise lubrication techniques and pinpoint sharpening to help provide a safe and precise insulin injection experience. Available in multiple gauges to meet individual needs, TechLITE pen needles promote our brand promise of innovative and reliable products - all at an affordable price.


Enhanced_Smart Thread_Design.jpg

Enhanced "Smart Thread" Design
Helps prevent insulin leakage and ensures a secure fit to major pen brands

Thin Wall Technology.png

Thin Wall Technology
Promotes precise insulin flow and a smooth and accurate injection experience


Precise Sharpening
Precision cutting techniques create a sharper point which facilitates smoother penetration into the skin.

Optimal Lubrication.png

Optimal Lubrication
A continuous level of silicone lubrication provides gentle penetration and may help minimize pain.

Ordering Information

Name Needle Gauge Needle Length (mm) Color Qty Product # UPC #015482 NDC #08317-
TechLITE Pen Needles 29 12 mm Pink 100 232129 23229-0 2321-29
TechLITE Pen Needles 31 8 mm Lt. Blue 100 238131 23831-5 2381-31
TechLITE Pen Needles 31 5 mm Yellow 100 235131 23531-4 2351-31
TechLITE Pen Needles 32 6 mm Lt. Purple 100 236132 23632-8 2361-32
TechLITE Pen Needles 32 4 mm Lt. Green 100 234132 23432-4 2341-32

TechLITE Products are available through national and regional distributors. To find a distributor call 800.566.8558


TechLITE Pen Needles fit most insulin pens. Compatibility includes, but is not limited to, the following list