Safety Lancet
Assure® Lance (21/25/28 gauge)

Generating Capillary Blood Samples Fast and Easy

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) bloodborne pathogens standard requires the use of safety-engineered lancets when obtaining a test sample unless the resident has a contraindicated disease.1 Assure Lance Safety Lancets are designed to help meet OSHA requirements for needlestick safety when obtaining a test sample.

Needlestick accidents increase the risk of bloodborne virus transmission and the stress experienced by the affected healthcare professional can be enormous.1

Stick Once
The Assure Lance Safety Lancets are available in a variety of gauge sizes allowing the healthcare professional to select the size that will provide an adequate test sample. Each gauge size offers a tri-bevel needle that is designed to maximize resident comfort.

Intuitive Design


Extended Finger Flange and Body Ridges
Engineered to provide a secure grip


Single-turn Protective Cap
One, 360-degree turn and pull removes the protective cap


Solid Body Color
Designed to make it easier to distinguish between different gauge sizes


How to Use - Micro Flow


Step 1 - Remove Cap
Twist protective cap 1 turn (360°) and pull straight out to remove.


Step 2 - Position Lancet
Place lancet against side of fingertip and press button to activate lancet.

Step 3 - Dispose
Dispose lancet in appropriate sharps container.

Ordering Information

NameCountColorPen. DepthProduct #UPC #015482NDC #08317-
Assure Lance Micro Flow 28G Safety Lancets 200 Light Blue 1 mm 980228 98028-3 9802-28
Assure Lance Micro Flow 28G Safety Lancets 100 Light Blue 1 mm 980128 98018-4 9801-28
Assure Lance Low Flow 25G Safety Lancets 200 Dark Blue 2 mm 980225 98022-1 9802-25
Assure Lance Low Flow 25G Safety Lancets 100 Dark Blue 2 mm 980125 98012-2 9801-25
Assure Lance Normal Flow 21G Safety Lancets 100 Dark Green 1.8 mm 980121 98121-1 9801-21


What gauge is the Assure Lance Lockout Safety Lancet?
The Assure Lance Lockout Safety Lancet is available in a 28, 25 and 21 gauge format.

How do I remove the protective cap?
Twist the cap 1 turn (360°) and pull straight out to remove.

What is the needle depth?
The Assure Lance 28 gauge needle depth is 1 mm, 25 gauge needle depth is 2 mm and 21 gauge needle depth is 1.8 mm

Does the needle permanently retract after use?
Yes. The Assure Lance Lockout Safety Lancet features automatic lockout after use, which helps ensure safety of patients and healthcare professionals and prevent cross contamination due to accidental needlesticks.

Where can I learn more about OSHA Compliance?
You may also visit for more detailed information.


1. OSHA. OSHA's position on the use of lancets or lancing devices without safety-engineered features for finger prick blood sampling in the workplace.