Diabetes Retail Strategy

Increase Your Revenue & Customer Base with ARKRAY's Diabetes Retail Strategy

A turn-key program from your Diabetes Health Ally

ARKRAY's Diabetes Retail Strategy provides a turn-key program that actively drives patients into your pharmacy and helps address the major pain points of today's changing landscape.


Increase referral sources


Grow your customer base


Address Medicare, high copay and cash pay market


Capture patients' total share of wallet


Want the short version?We've got you covered.

Why do you need a Diabetes Retail Strategy?

To help grow your business.

People with diabetes are your most important customer base


retail-strategy-check.png One of the fastest growing patient segments

retail-strategy-check.png Multiple co-morbidities = multiple prescriptions

retail-strategy-check.png Additional MTM and consult services

retail-strategy-check.png Demand for ancillary products and supplies

Rediscover the value of this market and its potential


retail-strategy-check.png Cost-effective products for Medicare, high copay and cash

retail-strategy-check.png Capture the patient's total share of wallet/basket

retail-strategy-check.png Benefits of the cash-pay model

retail-strategy-check.png Less time spent on adjudications/claims

Enhance your referral source network


retail-strategy-check.png Hospitals & Long-term care facilities

retail-strategy-check.png Diabetes educators

retail-strategy-check.png Discharge programs

retail-strategy-check.png Doctors

More Referrals = More Patients = More Money

Let us work with you to develop a customized Diabetes Retail Strategy
Our products. Your markets. Profitable solutions.

Cost-effective diabetes supplies

ARKRAY products are priced to increase your bottom line. We have specifically set our price points to allow you to provide a 50-count supply of test strips at a cash price well below that of your average copay. This offering makes you appealing to the widest patient segments - drawing more traffic into your store.


Pharmacy education

Once our new partnership is established, your personal Diabetes Health Ally will train each of your pharmacy locations on the new product offering, free value-added programs and positioning.


Provider outreach

We map each of your pharmacy locations with the nearest referral sources. Your Diabetes Health Ally then helps drive the referral source's patient base into your pharmacy to take advantage of your new diabetes program and offering.


Consumer awareness

The ultimate goal of your new Diabetes retail strategy is to drive consumer demand. Take advantage of ARKRAY's full portfolio of consumer promotional tools to spread awareness of your new offering.


Are you ready to develop your new Diabetes Retail Strategy?

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