Reimbursement Info

Many health insurance plans and Medicare cover much of the cost of diabetes testing supplies, including blood glucose monitors and test strips.

Private Insurance Coverage

The cost of diabetes testing supplies are covered by many private insurance and managed healthcare plans. It's possible that a portion or all of your diabetes treatment and supplies will be covered under your plan. To determine your coverage, talk to your insurance provider.

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for United States Citizens over 65 years of age, permanently disabled people under the age of 65, and people with end-stage renal disease (ESRD).

Medicare Part A and B

Medicare Part A - Hospital Insurance (HI) that pays for inpatient hospital care and skilled nursing facility care. Hospice care and some home healthcare is also covered.

Medicare Part B - Supplemental Medical Insurance (SMI) that pays for physician and non-physician services, outpatient hospital services, durable medical equipment, diagnostic tests, and various other medical services and supplies not covered under Part A. Coverage and reimbursement for Home Blood Glucose Meters and their associated supplies falls under Medicare Part B. All Medicare beneficiaries who are at risk for complications from diabetes may also be eligible for diabetes self-management training.

What products does Medicare cover?

If you're receiving Medicare Part B benefits, you can be reimbursed for most of your costs. This applies to you whether you use insulin or not.

These diabetes care products from ARKRAY are covered under the Medicare Benefits:

  • GLUCOCARD® Expression™ Audio-enabled Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • GLUCOCARD® Expression™ Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • GLUCOCARD® 01 Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • GLUCOCARD® 01 SENSOR Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • GLUCOCARD® Vital™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • GLUCOCARD® Vital™ SENSOR Blood Glucose Test Strips
  • ARKRAY Control Solutions
  • Meter replacement batteries
  • TechLite® Lancets (100s)

How much will I pay?

Medicare will reimburse either 80% of the Medicare-approved amount or 80% of the retail price, whichever is lower. This means that once the annual "Part B" deductible is paid, you pay the other 20%. If you have supplemental or secondary insurance, you may pay even less than the 20%.

Many pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers will take care of all the Medicare paperwork and billing submissions for you. Ask if this service is offered before you buy your diabetes testing supplies.

What are the Utilization Limits?

Product Insulin
Treated Patients
Non-Insulin Treated Patients
ARKRAY Glucose Monitoring Systems 1 every 5 years 1 every 5 years
ARKRAY Test Strips 100 per month 100 every 3 months
ARKRAY Multi Lancet Device 1 every 6 months 1 every 6 months
TechLite Lancets 100 per month 100 every 3 months

Important note: If your doctor recommends that you test more often than the guidelines allow for, he or she can authorize you to get more products that are reimbursed by Medicare. The prescription will need to authorize the number of times a day you should be testing, and the reasons why your provider recommends more testing.

How do I get ARKRAY diabetes testing Products?

Your doctor should give you a prescription. Remember to ask him or her to specify "Do Not Substitute" on the prescription to ensure that you receive genuine quality GLUCOCARD products. Then, you can take your prescription to your pharmacy or your diabetes products supplier to be filled. You may want to call your pharmacy or your diabetes products supplier to ensure that they will assist you with filing your claim and that they sell GLUCOCARD diabetes care products. If they do not, call Customer Service at 800.566.8558 and they can assist you.

How do I find GLUCOCARD diabetes supplies?

You can usually find GLUCOCARD diabetes care products at a medical equipment supplier or through mail-order suppliers nationwide. However, if you need help finding GLUCOCARD products, simply call Customer Service at 800.566.8558 and they will help you find a supplier near you.