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Product Warranty and Diabetes Wellness Kit Information

See your user manual for warranty information specific to your meter.


As a GLUCOCARD® user, you have access to a full range of digital and print materials filled with tips and tools for making small, simple changes for healthier outcomes. Get your diabetes management materials on demand or hardcopy - it's up to you.

Sign up at https://arkcarewellness.com/ to gain access to our library of information. Here you will learn about the following along with many other tips and tools to assist in making healthy changes.

  • General diabetes information
  • Carbohydrates and how to count them
  • Diabetes-smart recipes
  • Easy-to-do exercises

If you prefer printed information, simply complete the form with all necessary information and your wellness kit will be mailed you. Please note: Although the printed information is helpful, it does not contain all of the information you will find in our digital library.

If you already signed up with the GLUCOCARD warranty card found in your box or over the phone, you don't need to enroll again.

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