SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System—a breakthrough approach to salivary screening, oral care and overall wellness. A simple, elegant system using a saliva sample and a quick 5-minute process yielding a patient friendly, multi-point analysis for your patients and new possibilities for your practice.

Learn more from saliva.

Analyze your patient’s saliva with the new SiLL-Ha Oral Wellness System and complement your clinical assessment with objective results.

Studies show that saliva is a complex mixture and can reflect oral health.

Guo L., Wenyuan S.: Salivary Biomarkers for Caries Risk Assessment, J Calif Dent Assoc. 2013 February; 41(2): 107-118.

With a small saliva sample, learn if there is an increased risk for your patient to develop caries and periodontal disease. Using dual reflectance method, SiLL-Ha measures the reactivity on the test strip from the saliva sample, and results can provide information that you cannot see – activity of bacteria, acidity and presence of inflammatory markers which may indicate an increased risk for caries and gum inflammation.

Begin a discussion with your patient to guide them to oral wellness.

SiLL-Ha Key Benefits

  • Easy operation and rapid measurement — minimizes workflow disruption
  • Measures 7 items in 1 test in 5 minutes in your office — no delay in getting results
  • Compact and lightweight – SiLL-Ha fits in the palm of your hand and can be used in a small space

Easy to Use

  • Test results in just minutes to support your clinical assessment
  • Simple touch-screen display
  • Visual report to support patient education, care plan and hygiene products

Visual Results

  • Begin a dialogue with your patient on oral wellness using this as your guide
Radar charts
  • Customize comments easily for a more personal conversation
Bar charts
  • Motivate/congratulate progress over time with comparison feature